Hi. I'm Tyler.


And I want to make the world better.

I'm a Los Angeles-based actor, with experience in directing, producing, and writing. I believe in the power of stories to shape our societies. I believe in making our communities stronger, more compassionate, and better connected through meaningful art. I want to work with and for and around other people who inspire, who motivate, and who passionately collaborate.

I've worked in film, on television, behind a microphone, onstage, online, and on the page. In addition to founding my own speech and accent consultation company, I also produce theatre with the SRS Production Wing and spearhead new film projects through my production company, Lonely Cow Productions. I know how to dream big, marshal resources, and leverage my strengths into practical advantages.

I’m building a like-minded tribe of collaborators, comrades, and confidantes to put my award-winning artistry to work. It’s time to grow with purpose. I’m building my career to support the world-changing movements of our lifetimes – and make damn fine art in the process. Keep checking in here to see where that takes us.

See you out there.


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